Scientific Affairs

Scientific affairs focus of competences in clinical studies. We outsource specialists and offer ad-hoc support to our clients. We will help you to get new drugs, products, methods and devices to the market faster!

We develop your organization with our highly competent consultants. Our experts add more than just skills and competence, they add experience and know-how from the industry and many different companies. We work across all Nordic countries.

Our main goal is to work closely together with you and solve your challenges in a flexible manner.

Our outsourcing solutions may be long term or short term, full time or part time, single or multiple consultant approach, senior or junior competence. We can offer solutions that cover one or all Nordic countries. We prefer to create long term value and work in partnership, but we also take on smaller projects, solve peak capacity challanges and help you with limited projects.

We are not just a provider, we will be your partner!

Beatrice Öström
Nordic Head of Scientific Affairs
+46 70 165 22 38
Emma Perlhamre
Consultant Manager
+46 70 165 22 32
Jesper Larsen
Consultant Manager
+45 6098 5250