Join Us - We want to be the Best Place to Work in Nordic Life Science

PharmaRelations wants to be the Best Place to Work in Nordic Life Science. We follow Great Place to Work´s model and our definition of “best” is to achieve the highest results in a GPTW ratings among Life Science companies. It is a challenging ambition, but we always like to challenge ourselves and it helps us to improve and become better and better as an Employer every year.

Our values and our company culture

It took us some time and a number of Company Days and Work Camps to define the core of our culture and our values, having done that we work hard to live what we believe in every day in everything we do.



We love facts and act fast on them. Innovation and growth can´t wait. If we make mistakes, we correct them, fast.



Our energy and happiness comes from believing in our mission to grow people and companies in Life Science. We have an important purpose in our working life that fulfill us.



We work in teams, we add competence and different perspectives, we help each other, we grow each other. We party together and celebrate our successes. We develop our company together.



We love to challenge ourselves and do things that seem difficult in the start. We love to challenge our clients so that we can help them better to meet their targets. We love innovation and doing things in a better way than before. 



We grow ourselves as individuals, we grow people in our Clients´ companies, we grow our company and other companies in Life Science. We think about growth, transformation and improvement all the time. We see potential and opportunities.

Growing people and companies in Life Science

We take our purpose and our mission to grow people and companies in Life Science seriously. Growing people means using each person´s full potential. The business we are doing in PharmaRelations is all about people. People who want to transform Life Science, people that are deeply engaged in what they are doing, people that love to work together with other talented people and move the world and make it a better place. 

We expect our consultants to do more than just bring their competence and skills to the table, in PharmaRelations you will also be change agents that help to transform  our clients´work places. Our culture and our values are very important to us and our strong culture has been vital for our success.

As a consultant you are part of our development team, our sales team and our talent acquisition team – Engagement in short

We expect all our associates and all our consultants to be participate in the development of PharmaRelations. There are so many areas where your input and contributions are of incredible value. We all read about work places where employees work for years without ever feeling engaged, appreciated ,taken care of or being able to use their full potential, or even part of their potential.

We need your full potential, the more you give of yourselves, the more you will get from us in return!

PharmaRelations Ambassadors     

We expect all associates to be Ambassadors for PharmaRelations  when  you meet colleagues and friends in Life science. Every year we nominate the Ambassadors of the Year in a Ceremony during our Company Day. 

PR Academy

We have some 150 specialists from a wide variety of areas within Life Science employed in the company embracing commercial aspects, regulatory and compliance, scientific affairs to medical engineering. Our associates are eager to develop and learn more and we constantly offer short training sessions in different themes with internal and external experts leading.

Watch one of the training session

Fast Track to an exciting Career in Life Science

We think that there is no better place to be than Consultant if you want to develop within Nordic Life Science. We are an important part of the Life science ecosystem with a very clear role and mission, to help grow and transform the industry with all our different service.

 There are so many reasons why working as a consultant is more interesting and rewarding than working in another type of company in the industry. We can offer a much more varied career path, a broader and faster spectrum of experiences and not the least more job security “ says Fredrik Anjou, CEO of fast growing PharmaRelations

 Join Us – if our culture fits you and you share our mission !  Contact any of our Consultant managers for a first proactive interview. Join Us

Improving the world is part of our package

” Most of us want to achieve something more than just prosperity for ourselevs and our families, we want  to help improve the world, make it a better place, even if on  a small scale. In PharmaRelations we have enabled the start of some 450 micro enterprices in India over a decade, together with HandinHand. During 2019 and 2020 we are focusing on lifting an entire village, Vasanthanadai, with 2300 inhabitants in Tamil Nadu, a project of much larger scope than we have ever undertaken before. In 2021, in the middle of the covid pandemic, we started up a new project, the uplift of Kharda Randheer. We want each of our associates to feel that their work has contributed to a better life for one or more families in India”

Lena Hofsberger, Chairman of PharmaRelations.